Pagosa Springs Welcomes the New Medical Center

pagosa springs medical center

pagosa springs medical centerAS Pagosa Springs continues to grow, the demand for a larger facility is futile in the overall progression of our hometown.  With the purpose of providing quality, and compassionate healthcare and wellness where we live; the Pagosa Springs Medical Center is excited to announce the upcoming changes in the facility.

The clinic transformed into the Pagosa Springs Medical Center in 2008.  The original floor plan allotted 8 exam rooms; after a demand for more became present the limited hospital divided the rooms into two, creating the maximum capacity of 14 exam rooms.  Administration offices were relocated to closet spaces.

Opening May of this year, 2017, the new addition to the facility encompasses 23,000 square feet; offering 30 new exam rooms, two of which will be utilized as procedure rooms for orthopedic and G.I. Services.

Pagosa is honored to have a world renowned surgeon, Dr. William Webb, for orthopedic procedures.  He enables the local community to stay within Archuleta County versus traveling to Durango or Farmington for such services.

With the new space, Pagosa Springs Medical Center will become a better trauma center, and be able to accommodate inpatients.  The bigger and better facility will have the ability to provide full joint replacements, and general surgeries such as, but not limited to; gall bladder and cyst removals, colonoscopies, vasectomies, and even amputations.  Full lab services including blood work and infusions will also be sustained.   Another benefit of this extension is the aptitude to provide extensive physical therapy when needed by patients.

As of right now, with 250 employees, the hospital is the #1 provider for employment among our town limits.  Jesse Hensle, the Marketing and Communications Manager says, “families now want to move here and be a part of our facility.”  He confirms that the expansion will administer more job openings and welcomes transferring doctors from all over the World. Hensle is passionate about “keeping medical care local” and reassures us all that the Pagosa Springs Medical Center takes pride in accommodating each and every patient suitable for our level four trauma center.

$11,000,000 of financial support has been provided through grants, donations, and fundraising.  Our hospital is proud to announce the updated technology obtained over the past year.  One of which includes the new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine.  This new machine is the most dependable and advanced piece of equipment in all of the region (including Durango’s Mercy Medical Center, San Juan Regional Medical Center in Farmington, and Del Norte’s Rio Grande Hospital) offering the best picture quality.

Being the independent facility that the Pagosa Springs Medical Center is, they have the ability to expand and accommodate the community as needed without obtaining permission from surrounding institutions.

As the grand opening in May, 2017 approaches, the vision of building an organization that has passion for doing the right thing for their patients everyday becomes even more tangible than our hometown would have thought possible!

-Daryn Butler

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