Pagosa Springs Arts & Events

Welcome to the Pagosa Scene...

So much to do - so little time.  I used to tell prospective buyers that Pagosa Springs is a place to BE rather than to DO.  It's still a great place to be, but the options for doing have grown considerably over the past few years.

Dick and I used to be able to attend pretty much every major social function in town, and when we got there we knew most everyone present.  No more.  Now we have to pick and choose what events we will attend, and there are more and more faces that we don't know at every happening.  Of course, by the time we leave the event, we know a few more people than when we arrived.

After the skis are put in storage and the snow has departed, the Folk 'n Bluegrass Festival gets the town rockin' into summer.  4th of July festivities include the Red Ryder Rodeo, the craft fair on the banks of the San Juan and our wonderful Independence Day Parade sponsored by the Rotary Club.

Theater in Pagosa has taken a huge leap forward since Laura and Tim Moore brought The Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts to town in 2011. Laura is executive director of the Center and Tim is Producing Artistic Director of the Thingamajig Theatre Company. We now have several professional productions offered year round to the delight of theatre aficionados.

Early August and it's time for the Archuleta County Fair.   The winning 4-H livestock entries are auctioned off after judging with generally great community support for the event.  There's a big barbeque dinner on Saturday night and a dance.  A rodeo, of course.

Labor Day weekend brings more great music up on Reservoir Hill with the Four Corners Folk Festival. From modest beginnings several years ago, this fabulous event has grown into one of the top festivals in the nation.  These festival photos are from their website.

As the air is getting definitely cooler into September, the balloons arrive and brighten the skies during Colorfest.  Shortly thereafter, the hunters arrive en masse for the two main rifle seasons in their attempts to stock their freezers with fresh elk and deer, and enjoy a very good time while they're at it.  But that's a different subject -- head on over to the Recreation section for a glimpse of the array of relaxation and recreational opportunities that the Pagosa Springs area has to offer.