Why Pagosa Springs?

Why Pagosa Spring Colorado - Real estate

The mountains behind a pagosa springs lakeTHE word is out! Pagosa Springs is one of the most sought out town in the United States.  As time inevitably evolves, so does our population.  A population of 1,835 year round residents the year of 2017, demonstrates an exponential growth pattern of 9.6% since the year of 2000.

With no shortage of land, the issue stands within the lack of homes and properties that are for sale. The Real Estate Market is flourishing.  CREN and Pagosa Springs Area Association and Realtors provided an overall Market Overview.  The overview exhibits a decrease in New Listings (-15.2%) with an increase in Sold Listings (+20.8%) over the past year alone.  Statistics don’t lie! Real Estate is booming in our town and now is the time to invest in the Market.

Surely our lowly rated 3.8% unemployment rate is appealing to job seekers considering that the average unemployment rate is 7.6%, but what really drives people to pack up their belongings and move to the sticks?

The answer is simple: Pagosa offers what no other can declare.  Our focal point is located in the Colorado Sunbelt, in the upper San Juan Basin, surrounded by 3 million angelic acres of National Forest.  A short 5 minute drive from town brings you to unharmed habitat- a design the Creator intended.

Offering more than a scenic destination- Pagosa is home.  62% of homes in Pagosa Springs are family led; with 60% of them contain children below the age of 6 years; which displays Pagosa as the perfect opportunity to raise your family with the perk of raising them without the influence of the world.

Pagosa Springs is ideal for beginning a new chapter in life.  The highest age percentage is dominate amid the ages of 25-34- almost equivalent between men and women. Half of which never being married, so don’t worry about the lack of opportunity to meet that special someone.

Recently retired and wondering where to settle down? Pagosa Springs is the optimal location for such circumstances.  18% of residents live solely off of their retirement income, and find the peace here in Pagosa that they have been searching for.

With inventory being low and the number of buyers being high, we need listings! Let us at Team Pagosa guide you to make the best decision for you and your future.  Nine elite agents are ready to help you along the process.  Come and meet the agents and choose whom you would like to work with!

-Daryn Butler

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