Recreation and Relaxation in Pagosa Country

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Pagosa springs wildflowers
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Adrenaline adventure to tranquil relaxation

Take your pick - and ENJOY.  The range of recreational opportunities in the Pagosa Area is wide indeed, and spans the seasons from winter through spring, summer and fall.  The common denominator is that these are OUTDOOR activities.  So leave behind Facebook and your iPod for a bit and partake of the wonders that Nature has to offer you here in Pagosa Country.

The San Juan Mountains are the stunning backdrop of the local scenery.  Nearly 3 million acres of San Juan National Forest, Weiminuche and South San Juan Wilderness Areas flank Pagosa Springs on the north and east, and then fan out nearly forever.  Hike up a mountain trail in summer or swoosh down a ski run in winter.

Summer and Fall hiking or horseback riding in the high country is divine.  Wildflowers are at their peak usually in July and remain vibrant into August.  The golden Aspens in the Fall are spectacular.  The air is thin up there and smells really good, and the scenery is breathtaking ... between taking breaths for me!

The Pagosa Trails website is an invaluable resource for exploring and enjoying the MANY trails near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. There are trail descriptions, routes and maps for multi-sport adventure. For area information on hiking, running, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, or kayaking be sure to visit this site.

While I'm hiking in the mountains, others are outdoors biking, or fishing, or paddling, or golfing, or playing tennis, or exploring Chimney Rock, or soaking ... the list of recreational options goes on and on.

When the snow begins piling up in late fall, the winter toys come out of storage. wolf creek ski banner Wolf Creek is a small, family owned ski area - boasting the "Most Snow in Colorado".  The runs are not long ones, but except at holiday times there are no lift lines so you can keep skiing all day and get a full day of powder action in.  Skiers and snow boarders cohabitate on the slopes of Wolf Creek ... mostly without incident.

In addition to downhill skiing and boarding at Wolf Creek, the Pagosa Springs Nordic Club grooms some 50 km of cross-country ski trails, from 5 different trail heads.  And snowshoeing is great exercise, especially in fresh powder.  Snowmobiling is certainly less exercise, but very efficient for covering a lot of snow in a hurry.  I'd probably enjoy that if they didn't make so darn much noise.

After a day of physical exertion, the soothing mineral spring pools at the Springs or Healing Waters Resort & Spa will melt away the soreness from your muscles and have you sleeping like a baby and ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

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