Lower Blanco River Valley

The Lower Blanco area includes a cluster of subdivisions

They string along the Blanco River valley from Hwy 84, west about 5 miles until County Road 335 ends at the entrance into a large ranch.  The area is surrounded by National Forest or large tracts of private land.  The valley is a relatively narrow canyon, walled in for much of its length by Eight Mile Mesa on the north and another high mesa on the south side.  There is no central water system and none of the developments have covenants or restrictions.

Subdivisions in the

Lower Blanco River Valley:

Carri Blanco Cabin Sites
Hudson Rio Blanco
Rio Blanco Cabin Sites
Rio Blanco Valley

These small developments don’t have covenants or central water, and since they don’t have really distinct neighborhood “personalities”,
I refer to them as a group of similars — until it’s time to write a legal description on a purchase contract.