4th of July Parade


War veterans of the color guard lead the parade
War veterans of the Color Gueard lead the parade
This fellow has been a staple in the parade for years
Local Boy Scout troop
Pedaling in the parade


























The Independence Day parade in Pagosa is a fun and colorful event

It's such a local tradition that it rates it's own photo page.  Treat yourself to a bit of nostalgia and enjoy this old-fashioned small town parade.  Kids, dogs, horses, floats, antique cars, Fair and Rodeo royalty, friends and families all gather every year to watch ourselves in the grand parade down main street.  Mike Neder was the official photographer of this Rotary-sponsored for several years - nearly all of these are his photos.


Faye Brown rode in the parade until she was 98 years old - we miss her
The Royal Court for the Red Ryder Rodeo is prominent in the parade every year
Little Beaver of the year
Andalusian horses, a Spanish breed with riders in native costume
The Forest Service 'HotShots' are a welcome site every summer
The 'Hot Shots' help Smokey prevent forest fires
The Red Hats Society float
I don't even know what to call this, but it certainly does sparkle
A princess of the Jicarilla Days royal court
Children of all ages enjoy the Fourth of July Parade in Pagosa Springs